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A Beginners Guide to Disney Pin Trading

Updated: May 17, 2020

Disney Pin Trading

Pin trading is one of the most exciting activities you can do while visiting the Disneyland Resort. However, it could be intimidating if you’re just beginning on your Disney pin trading quest. That is why this guide will help you know the basics of pin trading so you can join in on this popular activity at the Disney parks.


To begin pin trading, you must have pins to trade and they must be official Disney pins. The easiest way to get pins to start trading is to go to almost any gift shop around Disney property and buy a starter kit. These starter kits come with standard Disney pins that are based on movies and characters. Some kits have more pins than others, so check how many pins are in a given kit so you can get the best value. To start your pin collection, get pins that are not your favorite that way it is easier to trade these pins away.

Lanyards are also included in some kits or are sold separately, but you do not need a lanyard to pin trade.  You can also get a Disney pin bag that are available at many Disney merchandise locations. You can also purchase extra pin backs which is a smart idea because the backs of pins can fall off or maybe get lost.


You can trade pins with any cast member that has a lanyard, pin pouch, or a pinboard. Simply go up to the cast member and ask if you can look at their pins to see if there’s any you might want to trade for. If you don’t find a pin you want, do not worry! The cast members will not be offended or upset if you don’t make a trade. You can only trade up to two pins per cast member. When you trade pins, keep your back, you only give them your pin. Also note that Disney celebration buttons that say, “Happy Birthday” or “1st Visit” are not eligible for pin trading.


As you start trading for pins, decide what kinds of pins you are looking for. This could be a certain character, attraction, or pin set. This makes pin trading more fun and you are more motivated to look for pins. Each set has a completer pin which is the hardest pin to find to complete your set. For example, Chris is trying to collect a villains tie collection and the hardest pin to find in that set is the Captain Hook tie pin.

Throughout the park you might encounter professional pin traders. These professional pin traders are not cast members so they do not have to trade with you. They trade pins value for value. You must trade a pin equal to the value of the pin they have. They also cannot accept cash. If you wish to trade with professional pin traders, you can look for them around the resort displaying their pins. One location where pin traders will meet every day, at 5:00 P.M. is Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa lobby.

During different celebrations and promotional events, Disney will release limited edition pins. Once all these pins are sold out, they will not make more of that certain pin or set. Some of these pins are highly sought after and increase in value over time. These are the types of pins professional pin traders are interested in and might be more willing to trade for them.

These are just a few tips on becoming a Disney pin trader. If you love pin trading, tell us why below! Also, what pins do you collect? For even more tips on becoming a Disney pro, check out more blog posts or visit our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @provostparkpass. #ProvostParkPass

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