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A Pirate's Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! And for you as well when you enlist as a pirate in Disney World's Pirate Adventure: Treasure of the Seven Seas. Maps, cannons, skeletons, and even Davy Jones himself... This FREE scavenger hunt for scallywags of all ages puts you right in the middle of a swashbuckling quest in the heart of Adventureland.

Enlisted pirates help Captain Jack Sparrow in finding 5 lost treasures hidden throughout Adventureland park.  Your mission is to find your way to the loot before Captain Barbossa and those other landlubbing pirates beat you to it!  Let's drop the anchor here and take a deep dive into what you can expect with A Pirate Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas!

A couple things to note before we go on is that the Pirate's Adventure is only offered exclusively at Disney World's Magic Kingdom and no other park. Second, you don't have to actually be a fan of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies to enjoy this activity. Anyone who wants to try something different that goes beyond the normal attractions will have a great time!

To take on the challenge, you’ll first need to head to the back of Adventureland where you'll find a small building that used to be The Crow’s Nest shop, just beyond the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  You'll be greeted by cast members who'll help get you enlisted with a special talisman that will start you on your quest.

New recruits are given one of five different treasure hunts, each with a unique mission that will send you hunting all throughout Adventureland park.  Each mission takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, but can be accomplished at your own pace throughout the day or even over the span of a few days if you need.  The game closes about 3 hours before normal park hours, but times are subject to change so be sure to ask cast members what time they close for the day. If you run out of time before you've completed your quest one day, no need to worry because you can continue your quest or return to The Crow’s Nest any day after you've already started.

Every time you complete a mission, pirate recruits will receive a special treasure finder card.  Collect all 5 cards and you’ll earn a completion card signed by Captain Jack himself!  You might even earn a bonus Fast Pass+ for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride if you complete enough of the challenges - don't hesitate to ask cast members for more information!

For actual gameplay, each of the five quest maps will guide you around Adventureland to discover 5 different hidden touchpoints throughout the park. Each touchpoint will show you where to go next.  Tip: Be sure to go in order of what is revealed to you and not just by locating the points on the map.  Order is important for defeating Barbossa and those other greedy sea rats!

Whenever you discover a touchpoint location during your game, use your Magic Band or talisman to activate the game.  The touchpoints can be identified by locating symbols around the park that match the symbols given to you on the map (a cannon, sabres, a ship’s wheel, etc.).

This is where the real fun begins!  After activating the touchpoints, the park literally “comes alive” and interacts with you to provide additional clues.  Cannons will fire, skeletons will awaken, and boats will even sink!  But listen carefully to the messages you're given in order to know what to do next.

After activating each of the five touchpoints and completing your quest, return to The Crow’s Nest to collect your treasure finder card for each challenge successfully accomplished.  Again, if you complete each of the five quests, you’ll also be rewarded with a sixth card from Captain Jack in thanks for helping him beat Barbossa to the 5 lost treasures.

Know Before Ye Go

A Pirate's Adventure may not be one of Magic Kingdom's main attractions, but it's still well worth your time to play! Not only can you play for free once you're in the park, but you also come away with a souvenir map (or maps), cards, and an extra FastPass+ or two.  These kinds of souvenirs are so much more meaningful to me than those you can just buy!

Completing the quests is a fun way to fill time between your FastPass reservations and it gives you a way to experience Adventureland in a way you've never seen before.  You'll especially love being able to interact with the park and see it “come alive”! 

The only part of A Pirate’s Adventure that might cause a mutiny is that the hours are a bit limited since it doesn't run from park open-close. But with a little advanced planning around dining and activity schedules, you'll have more than enough time to complete your challenges. 

The maps are easy enough to read, but actually locating the touchpoints might prove challenging.  Don’t hesitate to get some help from nearby cast members who’ll be happy to give you some guiding hints.

Yo ho, yo ho!  A pirate’s life for me!

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