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Disneyland's Top 10 Souvenirs

Visiting the Disneyland Resort is one of the most magical things you’ll ever experience. To capture the memories of your visit, Disney has a wide range of souvenirs that you can purchase to keep the magic of Disney with you long after your visit. Here are our favorite souvenirs to get when you visit the Disneyland Resort.


From shirts and dresses to ties and socks, Disney has a variety of clothing options that are perfect for any member of the family. These assortments of clothing

items feature the classic Disney characters, Disneyland attractions, and any holidays or celebrations that are going on at the time of your visit.


Who doesn’t remember getting wet on Splash Mountain or screaming your head off on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!? Well, in case you want to capture that thrilling moment, Disney offers on-ride photos on select attractions that are available for purchase and download. After your ride, look for your photo displayed at the end of the attraction. The photo will have a code that you can type into the Disneyland app and you’ll be able to purchase, download, and share it on your social media accounts. If you have the MaxPass then you can download all your attraction photos for free! A hard copy of the picture is also available to purchase at the attraction’s gift shop.


Ever wanted to eat popcorn out of a Disney character’s head? This is possible with the purchase of Popcorn Buckets. These are available at most kiosks where popcorn is sold and come in a variety of characters, sizes, and themes. Disney often releases a new popcorn bucket every holiday or for special events.


At many shops around the Disneyland Resort, you can find some awesome household items to take home some Disney magic for everyday use. These items include plates, cups, utensils, towels, and even items for your pets. The best place to find these items is at a Downtown Disney at a shop called Home.


Since the very beginning of Disneyland, you can get personalized, hand-cut silhouettes of your face. These are available at Main Street and it only takes a few minutes. What’s incredible is they hand-cut your face without any tracing.


What woman doesn’t like a little bling-bling? Disneyland has an assortment of jewelry for almost everyone. From more expensive brands like Pandora to simple bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for any princess. They even have designer watches for men. You can find jewelry all over the parks in almost any gift shop.


Disney Pins are a great souvenir because there are hundreds of different pins of Disney characters, attractions, themes, and sizes. The neat thing about pins is that you are able to trade them with cast members and collect certain sets. Pins are great because you’re able to put them on lanyards, backpacks, hats, or you keep them in a pin trading bag if you are an avid collector.


Over in the Disney Animation building in California Adventure, you can participate in the Animation Academy where you will learn to draw some of your favorite Disney characters. This drawing is a fun souvenir to take home with you because it showcases your talent and it’s a great way to capture this memory on your vacation. Be sure to check the schedule to see when they’re drawing your favorite character.


Meeting the Disney characters may be the highlight of your children’s visit to Disneyland. One way to capture this memory for your kids is by having them collect the characters’ autographs. Autograph books are available to purchase at most shopping locations, or you could bring a journal or a hand-made autograph book from home.


Since the Mickey Mouse Club first aired in the 1950s, Mickey Ears have been the most recognizable and beloved Disney souvenir. There are so many different designs and themes to choose from that everyone can find the right pair of ears for them. One way to make your Mickey Ears more personal is by getting them embroidered with your name. This service is available at the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland and Main Street, Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street in Disney’s California Adventure, and at World of Disney in Downtown Disney. The last piece of advice, get your ears right when you get to the Disneyland Resort so you can wear them throughout your visit.

If you're staying at a Disney Resort, you can get your items shipped to your room from the stores within the park. This is a great service for those who may not want to carry purchased items around the park. There is also a complimentary package check service that allows you to store purchased items for the day as you enjoy the park. Just don't forget to pick them up at the end of the day!

Disneyland has so many souvenirs and merchandise options to choose from that it'll be extremely hard not to buy everything! If we've missed one of your favorite Disneyland Resort items, let us know! For even more tips and secrets to help make your visit at the Disneyland Resort more magical, read more of our blog posts, check out our videos on YouTube, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @provostparkpass.

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