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For this Provost Park Pass Challenge, we want you to locate the top 10 park benches in Disneyland. Disneyland’s benches aren’t just ordinary, they are themed to each land, provide much-needed relaxation, and they may even spark your imagination!  When you find one of the benches, take a picture by or on the bench, post it on Instagram, and tag us @provostparkpass.

If you complete this challenge and post all 10 pictures of all 10 benches on Instagram, we will feature you on the Provost Park Pass Instagram account and showcase your progress as you complete this challenge. You will also win two Provost Park Pass stickers!  Remember, some of these benches are very popular so if someone is sitting on the bench come back later, wait until they are done enjoying the bench, or include them in your picture!


Everyday at Disneyland Old Glory is lowered in a flag ceremony. These benches will give you the best views to the only United States flag in the park with all 50 stars. Put your hand over your heart and you