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Your Guide to Disneyland's Pressed Pennies

All throughout the Disneyland Resort, you can find pressed coin machines. These machines press images onto pennies, and some machines even press nickels, dimes, or quarters. These images feature Disney characters, attractions, and more. Pressing pennies is an awesome activity to do at the Disney parks and we want to share with you some tips on how to start your Disney pressed coin collection.


To start pressing coins at Disneyland, you need, well, coins! There are a few ways to get change. First, you can go to any merchandise register and ask a cast member for change. Second, at the Penny Arcade on Main Street, they have a change machine where you can insert a quarter and receive 25 pennies. Another option is to stop by your local bank before your visit to Disneyland and get all the change you might need to start your pressed pennies adventure. If you do go to the bank, ask for pre-1982 pennies. These older pennies are made of copper, unlike current pennies which are zinc with a copper coding. If you use pennies post-1982, you might see a streak in your pressed pennies which is the result of the zinc.

Another tip is to buy a pressed penny souvenir book. These souvenir books are available in the Emporium on Main Street and in some of the larger gift shops around the Disneyland Resort. You do not have to buy one of these books to press pennies, but it is a really neat way to keep your pressed penny collection.