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Top 5 Drinking Fountains at Disneyland

Updated: May 13, 2020

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Disneyland like a true Park Pass Pro? Get ready as we challenge you, your family, and your friends to a Provost Park Pass Challenge!

For this Provost Park Pass Challenge, we want you to locate the top 5 drinking fountains in Disneyland. Not only will this challenge your Disney knowledge, but it will also keep you extremely hydrated! When you find one of the drinking fountains, take a picture by or while using the drinking fountain, and post it on Instagram and tag us @provostparkpass. If you complete this challenge and post all 5 pictures of all 5 drinking fountains on Instagram, we will feature you on the Provost Park Pass Instagram account and showcase your progress as you complete this challenge. You will also win two Provost Park Pass stickers!


Are those straight bricks or wavey? Both! Take a sip of water where Walt made a test wall to see what bricks he wanted. It’s hard to find, but just go halfway down Main Street and you’re almost there.


Even Toons know to drink water, but be prepared to laugh as you guzzle from this fountain. Goofy water is goofy, but that’s what you get when you go to a gas station run by a cartoon character.


You’ll need to go to the ol’ west to wet your whistle at this hydration station. Surrounded by fabulous Mexican cuisine, you might be tempted to comer buena comida.


To take a sip from this water fountain you might be asked to look into the eyes of Mara. As you exit this Forbidden Temple you might even run into Dr. Jones or “Indiana” for short.


At this water fountain, you’ll be sipping some H2O next to the place Pirates and Ghosts get their perfume. Don’t forget to look on the wall because there’s a hundred-year-old art piece from the “Big Easy” purchased by Imagineers. Even little kids can reach and get a drink!

Are you up for the challenge? Don’t forget to post a picture of you at each drinking fountain on Instagram and tag us so we can share your Provost Park Pass Challenge journey on our account. Have fun, and remember to stay hydrated! @Provostparkpass #ProvostParkPass

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